Open studios at Norton Factory Studios

This is the season of pro arts open studios. Pro Arts is a collection of artists from around the  San Francisco East Bay.  I have joined with the folks at Norton Factory studios, and I will be showing and selling my work there.  There are about 20 artists who produce their work in Norton Factory, and about 10 guest artists.  I am one of the guests.

The building was a factory back in the day and has been converted to artist’s use.  It is beautiful.

I will be there from 11am – 5pm for two weekends in a row –  Saturday and Sunday, June 7 & 8; and June 14 & 15. 

Here is the link with all details Norton Factory Studios.

I hope to see you there.

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Reconnecting with fathers

I have been working on this project for some time now.  My original vision was that I would follow fathers over time.  Well, that is beginning to happen…  I just reconnected with a father who I photographed some years ago.  See the image “I want my face painted.”  Anyway, I am going to photograph him with his now teenage daughter, and hopefully with his younger children as well.  I will keep you posted.

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A beautiful day

The other day, I had my 10 year old daughter with me, while my wife ran an errand.  We ended up walking to this bookstore not too far from the house.  She had been watching way too much TV.

 She finds a book that she liked which is something about teenagers emailing and texting each other. It’s a fictional collection of all these texts/emails. I thoughts it was kind of clever. She starts reading the book in the store. I got this collection of Sherlock Holmes.  That was just one book, but it’s huge. A bunch of short stories, and two books all in one.  A little intimidating because it’s so large, but I thought that the short stories would be good to ease in to.
She is happy, because she got something.  We go get something to eat.  The place is kind of busy.  We order our food, and I think that we both get pancakes, although I can’t quite remember.  She is excited about get book that she just got and is reading while we wait.
At first,I thought that we should be talking more but decided that it was good that she was excited about reading and I should just roll with that.

I looked around and I noticed two or three other African American fathers with their kids.  They didn’t really notice me, which I had to think about for a moment.

I realized that they didn’t notice me because it really is no big deal that African African fathers are taking care of their kids. I see it everyday. This is why I started the fathers of color project, because it happens every day, in plain sight, but doesn’t make the news. Its so obvious that no one notices it.

 That’s my two cents.
It was a beautiful day.
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Pismo at dusk

I went on a family vacation during during break.  There was a pretty nice sunset.   I thought that sunsets were almost too predictable to photograph so I would just kick back and enjoy it.

Then, I decided to take some photos – kind of just goofing around.  There were some low lying clouds, kind of near the horizon. This made it a little easier to capture the scene without having the glare of the sun to deal with.  It still had the warm glow that I like. I am still using the colored filters on my lenses that make the contrast of the sky so much more dramatic.  Anyway, here it is – I am pretty happy with it.

sunset, black and white, pismo beach

Pismo at Dusk

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Back to the basics

It was a good summer and fall for me.  After thinking about, then studying, then finally acquiring…  I got some filters for my camera lenses.  These filters change the colors that the camera sees, and our crucial to having dynamic and interesting black and white photographs.  Previously, I was underwhelmed by my nature photographs because visually colorful and dynamic scenes just seemed flat.  No amount of changes were fixing it.

Without a filter, red and green map to the same shade of grey in black and white.  This is clearly not acceptable.  After I tried the filters, I was like “Oh, this is what Ansel Adams did!”

I feel like I now have the keys to the city and I can go forward and create all kinds of interesting compositions.

Hooray for the old school.

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Dads Take Your Child to School event held in Springfield Gds.

About 20 fathers and granddads accompanied their young students to a Springfield Gardens elementary school last week, heeding the call for dads to take an active interest in their children’s early development.

Alicia Hyndman, president of the Community Education Council for District 29, said 28 of the district’s 33 elementary and middle schools participated in the sixth annual Dads Take Your Child to School initiative.

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Art fairs

I am showing this weekend at the Walnut creek arts and craft fair. I have gotten some really good feedback on a few pieces. There are several pieces that get people to stop and take notice. Avila Movement, Fallen Soldiers and Afternoon Walk. I think that people react to then for different reasons.

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Who is that by?

Over in San Francisco, there is building with art galleries on every floor. (The building’s address is 49 Geary Street, if you want to check it out.)  There are probably many buildings like this.  This particular one has many galleries that are dedicated to photography, so this makes it one of my favorite spots.

The other day, I went to check it out. Scott Nichols Gallery is really nice and  they had prints on many of the walls. Some of it I was feeling and some not. Anyway, they had one landscape print that was matted and framed, but resting on the floor. It was a black and white landscape print, and I looked at it like “wow, those clouds look fantastic.” The quality of the print was incredible.

I tried to read whose signature it was, but I couldn’t tell. I asked the lady and she told me that it was Ansel Adams!

“Oh, no wonder the print was amazing.” I asked how much it was, and she said $30,000. I thought ok, I guess that I will be leaving now. :-)

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Stepping Up to the Challenge: A Black Father’s Story

I met the mother of my child in my freshman year of high school. We fooled around like high schoolers do, and emerged over the four years to become very popular by senior year—without trying, of course. I was a musical performer who made decent grades, and she was a schoolgirl who made above-average grades. By senior year, we thought it was time we made our relationship official.

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Rally set for Million Father March

I hadn’t heard about this one before, but it sounds interesting…

Organizers of the Charlotte area’s participation in the annual national Million Father March will hold a rally Thursday evening in hopes of helping accomplish the goal of the march — getting more fathers involved in their children’s education.

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